Upsert-ing a record with CDS connector

By | January 30, 2021

“Common Data Service” connectors don’t have an “Upsert” action:


And it would have been a problem for one of the flows I had to implement recently if not for David Yack who pointed out that Update action will do an Upsert.


Well, he was absolutely right, here you go:

Have fun folks. And thank you, David.

3 thoughts on “Upsert-ing a record with CDS connector

  1. bert

    HI Nice solution but I punishing my head to retrieve if a record already exist in the entity… So far I found only a solution to use the ‘List Rows’ action to setup a filter to retrieve one record based on a filter. When Found update otherwise create.
    Using ‘List rows’ action an update action that referencing the outcome of the ‘list row ‘ results in a for each loop with an update action inside. But the for each action is never evaluated if list row action found no match 🙁

    any suggestions ?

    regards Bert

    1. Vincent Szabang

      I just do a “List rows” and then create a condition.
      In the condition I put expression : empty(outputs(‘List_rows)?[‘body/value’]) is equal to “true”

      If yes -> Update account (with a random guid, so bascily “create)
      if no -> Update account

      This works just fine….

  2. Rod

    Thanks Alex! That was a great tip and just what I was looking for.


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