Upcoming API call limits: a few things to keep in mind

By | September 3, 2019


Microsoft is introducing daily API call limits in the October licensing:



This will affect all user accounts, all types of licenses, all types of applications/flows. Even non-interactive/application/admin user accounts will be affected.

This may give you a bit of a panic attack when you are reading it the first time, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. There will be a grace period until December 31, 2019

You also have an option to extend that period till October 1, 2020. Don’t forget to request an extension:


This grace period applies to the license plans, too.

2. From the WebAPI perspective, a batch request will still be counted as one API call

Note: as of December 2019, this is incorrect (a note added in June 2020). For the details, check this out: https://www.itaintboring.com/dynamics-crm/spooky-scary-licensing-caught-up-with-me-again/

Sure this might not be very helpful in the scenarios where we have no control over how the requests are submitted (individually or via a batch), but, when looking at the data integrations/data migrations, we should probably start using batches more aggressively, especially since such SSIS connectors as KingswaySoft or CozyRoc would allow you to specify the batch size.

Although, you may also have to be careful about various text lookups, since, technically, they would likely break the batch. From that standpoint, “local DB” pattern I described a couple of years ago might be helpful here as well – instead of using a lookup, we might load everything into the local db using a batch operation, then do a lookup locally, then push data to the target without having to do lookups there:


3. Those limits are not just for the CDS API calls



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