Hidden fields are not “required” anymore in model-driven forms?

By | January 11, 2021

Coincidentally, there seem to be change in how required fields are treated in the model-driven forms. I’m saying “coincidentally”, since I recently wrote a post on a related(though different) topic: https://www.itaintboring.com/dynamics-crm/how-to-not-to-get-stuck-on-the-required-fields-when-creating-a-power-automate-flow/

And, then, a co-worker just mentioned that, it seems, hidden fields are not “required” anymore in the model-driven forms even if they have been configured to be “business required” and even when they are still on those forms.

I am pretty sure he is correct that such fields, even recently, would have caused a form to display a notification message (that a required field is empty), but, since this behaviors has changed… unless we both have imagined it… there is no way I can reproduce it now.

What I can show is how it works today. For example, here is a form with two required fields:


I can mark both as hidden so they wouldn’t be showing up on the form anymore:


And, then, I can create a new record (new tag in my case) without even populating those fields now:


I’m still wondering when the change happened, but, to be honest, this new(?) behavior makes total sense to me.

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