TCS Tools: Solution Summary

By | April 26, 2017

TCS Tools is a set of components for Dynamics 365 – it’s a work in progress solution, you can find the summary of those components below. Feel free to download it and deploy in your Dynamics instance. Don’t forget to keep me posted on how it works out for you.

In order to deploy the solution (it is compatible with 8.2 version of Dynamics), follow this steps:

  • Download managed solution file from here: TCS Tools for Dynamics
  • Import this solution file to Dynamics
  • Open Dynamics default solution(customizations) and add “TCS Expression”, “TCS Lookup Configuration”, and “TCS Number Sequence” entities to the “settings” area (or to the area of your choice), then publish all customizations

For the 8.1 version, you might download the solution from here: TCS Tools for 8.1 (managed solution)

Once the solution has been deployed, follow the links below to find out what’s available there:


Code Now plugin for XrmToolBox

CodeNow plugin has its own home page now:



DISCLAIMER: You can use TCS Tools and Code Now plugin on your Dynamics projects – there are no strings attached. However, if you do so, that means you agree that the author (me) cannot be held responsible for any issues that may or may not occur in your environment due to the use of these tools.