Power Automate licensing – watch out for those limits

By | June 26, 2023

Not sure if you folks are aware – I was not, not until a few weeks ago when this came up in some discussions with the client, but, apparently, we should really start looking at our integration/migration/and other heavily utilized user accounts to see how many power platform requests are being made daily under those accounts.

Right now we are in the transition period, and here is how the limits are:

However, once the transition period is over, we will have 6 months to actually do the transition, which means we will need to figure out the licensing approach that makes sense for our flows keeping those limits in mind.

Right now things are relatively wide open. We can make 100K power platform requests per flow, and, then, it seems we can go up to a million requests per day before everything stops working:

These transition period limits are applied at the flow level during the transition period. Additionally, a separate per user level limit of 1,000,000 actions is applied during the transition period to ensure users do not go above 1M actions across all their flow runs in a day. After the transition period ends, the actual limits will be applied at user level for per user plans and flow level for per flow plans.”

However, based on the quote above, once the transition is over, 40K limit will apply per user, not per flow, so this will go down from 1 million per day to only 40K per day. That’s going to be quite a difference.

All that said, I guess it’s worth mentioning that a Power Platform Request is, really, just about any action in the flow. It can be a “Compose” action, it can be a Dataverse record update, it can be a condition… anything. Dataverse has it’s own per-license limits, but those limits apply across the board (the same user account might make 20K calls using Power Automate flows, then do 20K through the canvas/model-driven apps, for instances).

I know this is going to affect my flows – starting with the migration and integration flows, then those which are part of the CoE toolkit, then some of the custom flows… so definitely need to start planning for this. But I have a feeling everyone needs to at least review their flow usage to start getting ready for the coming changes.

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