HTTP Connector Support for Data Loss Prevention Policies

By | February 11, 2019

With the recent update, HTTP Connector Support has been implemented so we can add HTTP Connector to the DLP policies now. This is different from HTTP with Azure AD, btw, and this may affect you if you are using HTTP Actions in the flows.

For all the finer details, have a look at the post below:

Here is just a summary of what it is about:

HTTP Connector Support

The HTTP actions and triggers up to this point have not been considered connectors. Due to customer feedback, we decided to go ahead and re-categorize those items so they could be subject to DLP to offer customers a greater level of flexibility and control over their environments.

We have added the option to support these triggers/actions when a policy is created or modified using the PowerShell cmdlets or given Flow Templates. More specifically, you can now manage:

  • HTTP (and HTTP + Swagger)

  • HTTP Webhook

  • HTTP Request

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