Flow execution “within context” of the app

By | February 1, 2022

If you look at the Power Apps licensing guide, you will see that flow execution is, usually, permitted within app context:


That same wording applies to pretty much all licence types, including Dynamics 365. And there is a corresponding note in the Power Apps Licensing FAQs:



Question, though. How do you read this?

For example, if you have a model-driven application, are you allowed to use a flow to read data from, for instance, Azure SQL and write it to Microsoft Dataverse?

It’s a different data source, after all, and we are supposed to use the same triggers or actions as the Power Apps application – in case with a model-driven application, the only actual datasource it would be “using” is Microsoft Dataverse, and only specific tables for that matter.

Should Sharepoint / Outlook / Word be included? Technically, model-driven app is not using those in the “Power Automate” datasource sense.

Or, when thinking of the Canvas Apps, can users given per app plan for a specific app use app’s data source in combination with Power BI Connector?

(Updated on Feb 2) it seems I got the answer here: https://www.itaintboring.com/power-platform/are-your-flows-within-context

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