User Dataverse connector with non-current environments

By | December 1, 2023

Quick note to whoever is reading: this post is a bit of an experiment. It’s useful, but it pretty much sticks to the facts and there is no personal touch. This is intentional, there is another post which explains why

Back in October, Microsoft has started rolling out updates to the Dataverse connector which will now allow Power Automate flows to connect to different environments:

  1. This was announced on Oct 26
  2. This will be introduced gradually for different actions and triggers in the Dataverse connector
  3. During the preview, duplicate actions and triggers will be introduced for the pre-existing actions and triggers, those duplicates actions and triggers will include environment parameter
  4. After the preview, all flows will be automatically upgraded to only use new actions and triggers, and environment parameter will be set to the “current environment” during the upgrade
  5. Once that happens, there won’t be duplicate actions and triggers anymore

Here is an example of how this looks like:

As a final note, this is likely the one and only reason we still have “legacy” dataverse connector, since it used to have this capability from the beginning:

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