Updated Advanced condition builder and the importance of the social media

By | March 8, 2019

You would think those two things in the subject line don’t have much in common, but I just had a eureka moment, which, I believe, had a lot to do with the following three facts:

  • I am very new to Flow
  • There are things in Flow which are very new to Flow as well
  • And there are people which are exploring all those new things and letting us know of their findings on the social media

Imagine.. I am looking at how to create advanced conditions in Flow so I can do some filtering when an update/create (Dynamics) trigger kicks in, and there is this great video by Elaiza Benitez where she explains those things for the newbies like me:


Great, eh?

Well, of course, except that there is no advanced mode anymore:


So I am rewinding her video to see if I missed anything, and it just so happens that Andrew Ly makes a post on Linkedin where he is praising updated condition builder, and I see it in my LinkdeIn feed just when I am trying to figure it all out:


This is where it hits me. Aha.. Maybe some things have changed?!

So, I am hoping you know by now that there were some changes and they are described here:


In my particular scenario, turned out it really was not that difficult to create a condition I was looking for – I just had to use pretty much the same expression that you’d see in the video above to convert my original field value to 1 or 0 depending on whether that value was empty or not:


if(empty(triggerBody()?[‘_parentcustomerid_value’]), 1, 0)

And, then, I used computed value in a simple “equals to” condition:


Simple indeed, but I am still thinking of the mysterious events of the last hour or so which involved:

  • A youtube video by Elaiza Benitez
  • A linkedin post by Andrew Ly
  • A blog post by Stephen Secilliano

All of which took me from “how the hell am I going to do this” to “it was not that bad at all”.

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