Configuration Data Manager updates: improved lookup resolution, longer FetchXml, “applied on” date

By | March 6, 2018


Based on the feedback I got so far, there is an updated version of the configuration data manager solution:

Here is what’s included into this update:

  • You can use more than 2000 characters for the FetchXml
  • When importing configuration data, all non-existing references  will be removed. You can still get the lookups assigned properly if you first import “parent” data and, then, child data. Another option might be to run the import twice if the data is self-referenced in some way. During the first import, it’ll be imported without lookups. During the second import, it’ll be updated, and the lookups will be set correctly.
  • Finally, you can now see not only when the data was modified/prepared(“modified on” column), but, also, when it was applied/imported in the current organization:


Note: business unit – owned entities such as “teams” will be assigned to the root business unit during the import.

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