What do I need to know to become a Dynamics developer?

By | April 3, 2017

How would you answer if a .NET/JavaScript developer asked you: “what do I need to know to become a Dynamics developer?”

There are, of course, books/bootcamps/courses covering this subject.. However, to put this in the context, imagine a project that’s been delivered by a consultant and that has to be supported by the internal full-time employees. They may never have to do Dynamics consulting – it’s probably not on their career track at all. So, the whole purpose here would be to equip them with just enough knowledge to be able to support the system.

Come to think of it, it is good and bad – it’s good since, it seems, there is no need to learn “everything” about Dynamics development. But it’s also bad since, in the long term, a lot of knowledge comes through experience, and there might not be enough opportunities to build the experience in this kind of environment.

So, what would you answer?


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