Quick Find – when did it get fixed?

By | May 12, 2020

I have certainly missed some news. Apparently, quick find in the unified interface now works as it has always been expected to work (but never did):

  • It’s now using selected view columns
  • And it’s now applying selected view filters

If I were reading release wave 1 plan more carefully, I would have noticed the following there:

What does it mean in practical terms? In the classic interface (and that’s how it used to be in the unified interface until recently), quick find would switch view columns/filters, so, if I started with “My Active Contacts”:


I would get a different view as a result once I’ve provided a search phrase:


This has always been confusing and needed explanations when presenting to the users.

In the unified interface, it works as it should now.

If I start with “My Active Contacts” view:


It’s also going to be the view used to display / filter the results once I’ve provided a search phrase:


One thought on “Quick Find – when did it get fixed?

  1. Gopinath

    There is toggle in System Settings to enable or disable. By default, Quick Find View Search is disabled.


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