Are there hidden solutions in Power Apps?

By | May 5, 2020

I was troubleshooting missing dependencies earlier today, and, after some digging, uncovered a hidden solution in the environment. I could see that solution when looking at the layers:


And I certainly could not see it in the list of solutions neither in the old interface, nor in the new one.

Well, there is always a way to bypass smart filtering and just look at the whole list of solutions using web api, so, of course, the solution is there:


It’s just marked as “not visible” (“isvisible”: false on the screenshot above)… Huh? Anyway, that’s, likely, the reason why this solution is not showing up in the portal where it should be displayed right after the highlighted solution below:


Turned out we can still see those hidden solutions (with the proper application of URL-s), even though this is where power apps portal won’t work since it’ll keep displaying spinning progress indicator:<your env id>/solutions/<solution id you can get from web api>#


However, there is still classic solution designer which comes in handy in such cases:

https://instance_url/tools/solution/edit.aspx?id={solution id you can get from web api}&utm_source=MakerPortal#


And, yes, that’s where the dependencies were missing somehow. That’s another story, though.

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