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How to: roll up without limitations

Rollup fields in Dynamics are great, they are very useful, they are there out of the box, and a lot has been written about them. Although, if you wanted to start somewhere, the page below would give you all the details: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn832162.aspx That said, there is a bunch of things you can’t do with the… Read More »

Dynamics and WordPress, the follow up

Not sure if you’ve seen my previous post on using WordPress with Dynamics – that was merely a beginner’s attempt to connect WordPress to Dynamics.. however, folks at AlexaCrm (those guys who developed the plugin) did see it, and, apparently, they figured they couldn’t leave it that way In particular, George Doubinski got in touch and… Read More »

Access Teams – why do we really need them?

What is the real difference between Access Teams and Owner Teams in Dynamics? Is it just that selection in the Team Type dropdown? Maybe let’s start the other way around: what’s not different? They are both represented by the same entity We can add users to both types of teams We can share records with… Read More »

New in V9: What’s that with Xrm.Page being deprecated?

Ever since Microsoft has published the “Important Changes Coming..” article that provides a very nice overview of what we should expect in the updated version of Dynamics, I could not stop wondering what does this mean: With all the great reviews of this new release published on the web so far, I’ve never seen anyone asking… Read More »

Code Now plugin for XrmToolBox

Code Now plugin for XrmToolBox Strictly speaking, it’s not part of TCS Tools. But, either way.. it’s kind of cool to be able to run C# code directly from XrmToolBox, especially when you need to do something quickly. You can do it with the Code Now plugin right now: Let’s use XrmToolBox to run your C#… Read More »

How to turn this poor one-liner into a nice multi-line notification?

If you happened to use Xrm.Page.ui.setFormNotification in your javascript customizations, you have probably noticed that it does not support line breaks. Try adding <BR/> tags into those notifications, and you’ll get something ugly.. like this: Apparently, setFormNotification does not really respect all those html tags – instead, it just displays them as regular text. So, how… Read More »