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Data Center Locations for different services (including Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint)

I went to the Azure Active Directory properties earlier today for a completely different reason, and, then, I noticed something that made me jump: What?! With the client being in Canada, all Dynamics/Sharepoint data needs to be physically stored in Canada, or this whole implementation is going to stop quite abruptly. Unfortunately, when looking at… Read More »

How to: using PowerShell for automated testing of PowerApps

  If you have not looked at the EasyRepro yet, you probably should: https://github.com/microsoft/EasyRepro I wrote a post about EasyRepro before with some explanations of how it works, so this may also be helpful: https://www.itaintboring.com/dynamics-crm/easy-repro-what-is-it/ Now, I am not sure if Microsoft is “all in” on making PowerApps development a primarily dev-only activity, but, at… Read More »