Canvas app error: the requested operation is invalid. Server Response: _scrubbedSensitiveData_

By | October 13, 2021

Here is an interesting error I ran into the other day:


It does sound like there was something in the server response that was considered “sensitive data”, but what could have happened?

The screenshot above is, actually, from the application I created specifically to reproduce the error and see why it’s happening, so it’s very simple, and it only does this on click of the button:


That seems pretty innocent, right? And it is – turned out the problem is not, really, on the application side (well, sort of).

There is a plugin involved that kicks in on update of the account record. In that plugin, an exception is raised:


Could you guess what’s causing scrubbedSensitiveData error on the app side?

Here is another line where you can still try guessing before you continue reading.

Ok, so it’s, actually, not the quote characters.

It is the word “token”. Huh?

By the way, I also tried the word “password” and got exactly the same results.

In the actual app, I was getting “token” keyword in the exception message since I was doing json deserialization, and “token” keyword can appear in the error messages raised by the json libraries when the json is incorrect.

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