Child flows and retry policy

By | October 2, 2021

It is often helpful to split bigger Power Automate flows into a bunch of smaller ones, so there is a parent flow, and, possibly, a few child flows.

However, when the child flow fails, here is what you might see as a result in the flow run history:


In the example above, there was a parent flow, and there was a child flow. For the same parent flow run, the child flow tried to run 5 times. It failed each and every time, and, of course, it has done whatever it was doing 5 times for the same parent flow run. That might involve creating new data, updating existing data, etc.

Which might or might not be a problem, depending on what exactly is happening in your flows.

Either way, if you wanted to make sure that there are no retries in this situation, you’d need to remember to update retry policy of the “Run a Child Flow” action. This can easily be done through the action->Settings menu:


By default, it’ll be configured to retry 4 times:


You can either choose “none” to specify no retries at all, or, possibly, you can choose other options if retries are, actually, expected:


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