TDS endpoint – getting closer to GA?

By | January 27, 2021

Just a few days ago, when I was writing a post about Power BI Paginated Reports, “Dataverse” connection type was still called “Common Data Service(Preview)” there.

As of today, in the updated version of the Power BI Report Builder, it’s called “Dataverse”:


There is no reference to the preview anymore, but, apparently, it’s still a SqlClient connection.

That said, it seems Dataverse SQL Query is still in preview:

Yet there is no mentioning of the Dataverse datasource in the docs on the list of datasources for Power BI Paginated Reports:

So is it official? Is it not official? Probably not quite, yet. Not until we see it documented in the docs. But, that said, it’s clear some work is happening behind the scene, and TDS endpoint-based connectors are starting to make it into the Power Platform (And, intentionally or not, they are not even explicitly defined as preview features anymore).

2 thoughts on “TDS endpoint – getting closer to GA?

    1. Alex Shlega Post author

      I think it is. It’s been utilized in the Power BI paginated reports now


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