Print function in Canvas Apps

By | April 20, 2021

I have been waiting for a little while to try this in my environment, and, finally, “print” functionality is there.

There are a couple of additional screen templates we can add to the canvas apps now:


Those two screens come with the print button added to them by default, and, other than that, there is, actually, nothing on those screens. “Print” button will be hidden when printing:


Which is all good, but it still leaves a little mixed impression. Unless I’m missing how it is supposed to be configured, it seems “print” will always print one page only.

For example, I have a screen with Loren Ipsum here:


There is more text in the label than could possibly fit on one screen, and it just gets cut off when printing, yet only one page will be printed:


So this is not, probably, meant for printing the whole books (yet?), but can still be very useful when printing application screens. For example, it takes no time at all to add a “print” button to the screen below so we can send it to a printer:


Anyways, that’s some neat functionality we can start adding to our applications, just need to be mindful of the limitations.

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