Portal Content Editor: Preview On/Off and caching

By | August 22, 2018

When working with the portal content editor, we have the option of turning the preview on and off:


That setting is supposed to either display “draft” content (preview ON) or to hide it(preview OFF):


That’s what I thought, but it took me a few hours (and, eventually, some timely guidance) to realize that Preview ON/OFF selection is, actually, cached. Or, at least, some of that is cached somehow.

See, on the screenshot above “Forums” link is not supposed to be showing up – it’s in the draft publishing state:


But I can make it disappear by refreshing the cache:


Once it’s been done, there is no link:


Of course, once I’ve done that, I can’t just turn the preview ON to see the link:


Have to refresh the cache again(or I might probably choose to wait for 15+ minutes till the cache is refreshed automatically):


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