Model-driven app configuration entity – the most unusual approach I’ve ever seen, but it works

By | May 19, 2021

I was looking at the Omnichannel lately, and , then, I realized something that might be worth sharing.

You know how we would often create a configuration entity in our model-driven apps? Omnichannel is doing just that, but it’s taking it one step further. It provides multiple forms for the configuration entity so that each of the forms is exposing a subset of configuration settings, and, then, it adds links to the configuration record… for a specific form… to the left-hand navigation.

I mapped some of those on the screenshot below:


But, in general, there is just a bunch of forms:


Somehow, I never thought of doing it this way, but it actually does make sense – what we end up with is a very smooth user experience.

So, in case you wanted to do the same in your applications, here is how it’s done in the Omnichannel app:


You just need to use a url that would have all the right parameters, so here is an example FYI:


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