Lookups behavior in Wave 2 – recent items, wildcard search, magnifying glass button, etc

By | October 7, 2019


I am wondering how many of us have missed this post:

“Preview for usability enhancements to lookups in Unified Interface”


I certainly did. So, to summarize, here is what’s happening now when you are clicking that magnifying glass button in the lookup field:

  • If “recent list” is enabled for the lookup, you will see recent items only
  • If “recent list” has been disabled through the configuration, you will see nothing (there will still be “new <record>” link though)
  • If you try typing “*” and clicking the magnifying glass after that, you will get nothing as well (there seem to be a bug when using “*” on its own)


If you wanted to bring up the list of records (not the “recent” records), there seem to be two options:

  • When in the lookup field, while it is still empty, push “enter” button
  • OR enter some text to search for and push “enter” or click the magnifying glass button(for example, “T*123” would work fine… as long as it’s not just “*”)

One thought on “Lookups behavior in Wave 2 – recent items, wildcard search, magnifying glass button, etc

  1. Mikhail

    To be honest with you. I assume our main priority is to check what is not working any more after new Microsoft release and not what the new features were added . As example The last missing feature I found that I can not save solution version number by pressing save button any more. I open ticket With Microsoft, and they provided some tricks how to do it now. It was promised to fix it in new release . so I am very sceptical about new MS features .
    May be when new tsunami will be finished , it will be worse to look.


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