Invalid User Authorization error

By | February 12, 2018

Was trying to enable data encryption in Dynamics and the next thing I knew there was an error message:


Invalid User Authorization

The user authentication passed to the platform is not valid.

It’s a rather vague message to say the least, so a quick google search revealed some links but no definitive answers. Lucky for me, this error was happening in the on-premise environment (although, where else would I need to enable the data encryption, right?) Even more, it was happening on my virtual machine, so I had full access..

Turned out the error message showing up in the windows event log on the CRM server was different, and, actually, much more useful:

Exception information:

Exception type: CrmException

Exception message: HTTPS protocol is required for this type of request, please enable HTTPS protocol and try again.

Now that’s straightforward. Yes, I did not have HTTPS..

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