Dynamics CRM: Scribe vs SSIS

By | October 5, 2012

I used to think that Scribe is almost the only choice when it comes to ETL tools for Dynamics CRM. It is convenient, it does the job, it is the first tool that comes to mind.. However, I recently tried to create an SSIS package using SSIS adapter for Dynamics CRM from Kingsway Soft, and I’m not so sure now.

SSIS adapter is convenient, it does the job, and, now, it’s the first tool that comes to mind.


Because it is different now.. There are SSIS adapters for Dynamics CRM from such companies as kingswaysoft.com, CozyRoc.com, and, probably, from some others. Those adapters make it much easier to create SSIS packages for Dynamics CRM.

I tried to look up a comparison of Scribe and SSIS (for Dynamics CRM), and the following link came up:


Let’s face it – it’s not the best link. But it pretty much reflects my own subconscious ideas I had until recently, so I’ll still use it. The thing is, however, I believe that post is quite outdated now. Here is how it should look:

  • Scribe has CRM adapter. SSIS has CRM adapters
  • SSIS is free tool from Microsoft. Scribe needs a license(and an expensive one)
  • SSIS has super performance. And you don’t need to spend a lot of time coding (because there is an adapter now)
  • Scribe has great performance – much less time needed to get your solution ready. This one is quite controversial. It really did not take that much time to create an SSIS package.

And there is one item that I would still give to Scribe: automation, notifications, easy to install and redeploy. I’m not sure that justifies the cost of licenses, though. Since Scribe licensing depends on the number of CRM users, and none of the SSIS adapters I’ve seen so far take number of users into account, the difference can be more than significant (2k vs 20K).

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