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CoE Starter Kit – Solution Assessment App

In the latest version of the CoE Starter Kit, the team behind it has implemented “Nurture Apps – Maker” model-driven application for solution makers which, among other things, allows application makers to submit solution assessment to the COE admins: The questions there are configurable, but, in general, the purpose of this app is not necessarily… Read More »

There is a new sheriff in town

Or, in our case, there is a new user in Power Pages: Power Pages :: Improved Dataverse connection using Dataverse Application User | Microsoft Power Pages In short, this change unlinks portal accounts from the built-in System user in Dataverse, and, even though the transition is supposed to be smooth, I figured I’d dig a… Read More »

Canvas Apps theming options

When talking about the theming, we may actually need to talk about two different aspects of it, though they usually come together. There are UI “appearance” settings such as font weight and size, background color, border width, etc. But there are, also, layout templates which are meant to define common application layout, layout elements, and,… Read More »