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How to: track the timestamp of your power automate flow last successful run

Occasionally, you’d probably want to know the time stamp of the last successful run of your power automate flow. For example, you might be working on the data synchronization, and you might need to track those timestamps somehow. Which is a bit of a problem, it seems. You might try following Linn’s blog here:… Read More »

Using Power Automate to get the list of users an app has been shared with?

Have you ever wanted to get the list of users a canvas app has been shared with? Of course you could go to the maker portal and look at it there: But you can also do it in your flows easily (assuming you have permissions). There is Power Apps for Admins Connector: And it… Read More »

How to: debug plugins in the shared environments

When debugging a plugin, I often use PluginExecutionExceptions to display debugging messages. But, of course, it all works great when my development environment (or the plugin) is relatively isolated. And it all falls apart when there are other people working in the same environment, and they suddenly start seeing those error messages. There is a… Read More »