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ItAintBoring PowerPlatform Chat session summary, Sept 28

First of all, it was nice to see familiar faces there, and it was at least equally nice to see unfamiliar ones! Thank you all for showing up to participate in the discussion, it was much appreciated. To recap, we had a quick presentation – you will find the link below: And, in the… Read More »

Using C# code in custom connector to connect to Dataverse?

This one is almost of an academical interest; since, after all, there is Dataverse connector available already. But,  just on the principle, I was wondering if it were possible to use C# code in the custom connector to connect to Dataverse? Actually, there is nothing special about Dataverse – the same approach could be used… Read More »

Long functions in Dataverse plugins: Part 2

I wrote my previous post knowing full well it was going to sound controversial to any pro-dev, that’s if a pro-dev were to read it. Turned out a fellow MVP, Daryl LaBar, did, and he just raised the bar by responding with a well-articulated article of his own: Before I continue, I have to… Read More »

Dataverse dilemma: should it be a flow or should it be a plugin?

When it comes to implementing business logic In the Dataverse environments, we have a few valid options: Cloud flows Plugins Classic workflows Yes, classic workflows is not at the top of our minds these days, but, with no Flow alternative to the real-time workflows, I don’t see them going away easily yet. However, for all… Read More »