Monthly Archives: April 2016

Electric Cars – are they worth it?

Every now and then, when our constantly-getting-older (but still not obsolete.. not even quite old yet) car needs some extra attention because of her age, we start looking around to see what could possibly replace her. This time around, there seem to be a few electric cars on the horizon which, I thought, would be… Read More »

Finding software design patterns in the normal world: decorator and proxy patterns

This is a continuation of the original “finding software design patterns in the normal world” challenge. For this one, let’s have a look at the proxy and decorator patterns. The difference between those two seems to be more conceptual than structural. For example, let’s say we have a soldier who can fire. Let’s put that soldier… Read More »

Blogging: what’s in it for me?

What are the reasons I’m blogging? Even if it only happens occasionally? I used to blog in the past for a few years, then I sort of lost connection with that first blog.. And, eventually, I closed it. Now I’m starting to do it again, so why? This blog is not about making money –… Read More »

Dynamics XRM vs Dynamics CRM

I’ve been working with Dynamics CRM for over 5 years so far. That did involve various projects, for both private and public sectors. Some of those projects were more about CRM than others, but I’ve never seen a project where a client would take Dynamics CRM and start using it as is. There is always… Read More »

I found a monster..

Ok, it’s all about the mood. Criticizing today.. What is Dynamics CRM these days? It’s a monster. Remember those long-gone days when we had CRM 4? Or CRM 2011? When there was no interactive service hub, when mobile applications were not there, when there was, essentially only one type of CRM forms, and when we… Read More »

Interesting Dynamics CRM position

Was looking at the Interactive Service Hub user guide and found something I have never seen before(well, maybe I was not looking properly) It’s official: those of us who used to be called CRM Administrators, CRM Consultants, or CRM Developers can now be called CRM customizers  Well, I’m not sure if this is a… Read More »