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October ’18 release overview is out there

  October release overview (probably more like a preview) is out there: It’s a huge document this time, but it’s worth spending some time at least scanning through it – you will find some interesting content, such as: Document management capabilities will be added to the portals There will be reusable content blocks for… Read More »


  It can’t be solely about Dynamics all the time, so how about Scrum, just for a change? To start with, I’ve been on so many different projects, and a lot of them did claim to be following SCRUM.  But I am just starting to realize, now, how little did I know to believe that… Read More »

Moving Dynamics 365 instances between tenants – doable or not?

It’s just something I was exploring today in preparation for the MB2-715, and, it seems, there are ways to move instances from one tenant to another without having to actually migrate the data. At least that seems to be the case according to the discussions here: This is likely going to involve a… Read More »

Configuration Data Manager – version

Another update for Configuration Data Manager is available: Here is what’s included into this update You can use “Configuration Data” button to open the tool: There are two new dataset configuration parameters: When “Create Only” is selected, only new records will be imported to the destination environment. Sometimes, we don’t need to update existing… Read More »

Configuration Data Manager updates: improved lookup resolution, longer FetchXml, “applied on” date

  Based on the feedback I got so far, there is an updated version of the configuration data manager solution: Here is what’s included into this update: You can use more than 2000 characters for the FetchXml When importing configuration data, all non-existing references  will be removed. You can still get the lookups assigned… Read More »

Setting up the gateway

Sometimes, a seemingly simple task leads to a whole lot of activities.  I did not mean to install the gateway today.. But I wanted to try machine learning studio, and, then, I found that I can use on-premise gateway to import data for the experiments. So, having considered the alternatives, I figured it might make… Read More »