Setting up Teams

  I like freebies – who does not? So, now that Microsoft Teams are free, I figured I just have to have them. (Want to have them for free, too? Just go here: ) I mean, I did not really know much about teams – have not been using them where I work, and,… Read More »

Dynamics implementation as beer tasting

  Ryan Maclean made an interesting analogy in his recent post: I’d really recommend reading it; though I’d like to warn you right here.. after reading Ryan’s post, you may find that making tea is not ever going to be simple again.  Actually, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the potential complexity of… Read More »

Business Analysts and Scrum

Still trying to figure out some of the basics, I guess. On a non-scrum project, we would normally have titles such as a developer, a tester, a business analyst, etc. But, since Scrum does not recognize titles within the development team, and since there are only 3 roles in Scrum, the only “role” business analysts… Read More »

PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I)

I have to say that taking PSM I test probably produced more adrenaline within an hour (that’s how long you can spend on this test) than taking any of the Dynamics exams, but this is because Scrum is something more theoretical to me. It’s simple with Dynamics – here is how you do the plugins,… Read More »


  It can’t be solely about Dynamics all the time, so how about Scrum, just for a change? To start with, I’ve been on so many different projects, and a lot of them did claim to be following SCRUM.  But I am just starting to realize, now, how little did I know to believe that… Read More »

Moving Dynamics 365 instances between tenants – doable or not?

It’s just something I was exploring today in preparation for the MB2-715, and, it seems, there are ways to move instances from one tenant to another without having to actually migrate the data. At least that seems to be the case according to the discussions here: This is likely going to involve a… Read More »

Easy Repro: what is it?

  Easy Repro seems to be a bit unusual name for  what is, basically, an automated UI testing framework, since it’s not so much about reproducing the issues as it is about testing various UI scenarios: And I wanted to emphasize it right here. Easy Repro is not a product.. neither it’s a technology..… Read More »