Field Security profiles, unmanaged solutions, and why we should actually be looking at the warnings in the solution import logs

There is an interesting problem that we’ve just discovered. Something fishy has been going on with the field security profiles in our solutions – some time ago we’ve noticed that, every now and then, some of the field security profiles would not be properly updated in the destination environment after importing our updated solution there.… Read More »

Error logging for Microsoft Dynamics Portals

  Just got some time over the weekend to look into the error logging feature for the portals – it was introduced a while ago, so, if you have not seen the documentation yet, have a look: This turned out to be a mixed experience, although, it’s certainly better to have logging than not… Read More »

EasyRepro Tips: one way to work with invisible elements

  When using EasyRepro for automated testing on your Dynamics projects, you will almost inevitably run into the ElementNotVisibleException: This exception may happen in different places, and, if you wanted to understand why, this thread at StackOverflow will provide a very good explanation: Basically, as mentioned there, Selenium has been specifically written to NOT… Read More »

October ’18 release overview is out there

  October release overview (probably more like a preview) is out there: It’s a huge document this time, but it’s worth spending some time at least scanning through it – you will find some interesting content, such as: Document management capabilities will be added to the portals There will be reusable content blocks for… Read More »

Dynamics: disabling all controls for an attribute

Here is something that does not come up often.. When you have a few controls for the same attribute added to the form, using Xrm.Page.getControl(“<name>”).setDisabled won’t enable/disable all of them – it will only work for the first control on the form. At least in the 8.2 version. If you wanted to do the same… Read More »