Automated Deployment and Dynamics

  Automated deployment has always been a bit of a problem in the Dynamics world to say the least, and, of course, we hit exactly the same walls while working on the most recent project. Here is what we came up with – you might (or might not) find it useful.. In the core of… Read More »

Breaking SCRUM

  Here is a Scrum-related problem which I’m sure has been discussed before and will be discussed again.. so it’s just me thinking out loud. We have developers, we have testers, and we have business analysts on the team. Our product owner is not a single person but a group of people where various stakeholders… Read More »

Server-Side email integration: one mailbox – one organization

  When setting up server-side email integration, it’s good to remember the same mailbox can only be used with one organization: “An Exchange mailbox can only be configured to use Server-Side Synchronization with one Dynamics 365 organization. These alerts are logged if you have multiple Dynamics 365 organizations and try to configure your mailbox… Read More »