Power Platform Quiz #1

By | January 20, 2022

Here is a short Power Platform quiz for you. It might be the only one I’ll come up with, or it might turn into a “thing” here – we’ll see. Anyways, in case you wanted to test yourself, there are 10 questions to answer.


Congratulations! You have passed this test with flying colors!

There are things you got wrong. Which is not a problem – I can’t be right all the time either. However, some / most of the topics added to these quizzes are covered in my training course – you are welcome to have a look:

Power Platform training course



#1. In the Dataverse environments, which security roles can be given to a user?

Select all that apply:

Environment Admin role is only available in the non-Dataverse environments:


#2. You have created two related tables in Dataverse: opportunity and opportunity line. Opportunity line table has "Amount" column, and it is referencing Opportunity table through a lookup. You need to add "Total Amount" column to the Opportunity table to capture sum of per-line amounts, no matter how and when those lines are added and/or modified. What are your options?

Select all that apply:

Calculated columns work great when you need to calculate a value, but they are not meant to perform query-based calculations.

Rollup columns, on the other hand, is what you can use to specify query criteria, and, also, type of aggregation to perform



As for the Power Automate vs Javascript, keep in mind that Power Automate flows can be scheduled and/or they can be triggered in response to a data change no matter how that change happens. Javascript, even though they can be used to perform this type of calculations, are not meant for this most of the times. They can only run on the client-side, so, unlike Power Automate, they will miss to kick in the server-side scenarios.


#3. You have enabled column security for a column, and some users are saying they can enter data into the column when creating a new record, but they cannot read or update that particular column once a record has been created. What is it you most likely need to do?

Select all that apply:

#4. You need to create a full copy of production environment for testing purposes. Which options will work?

Select all that apply:

You can copy everything, or you can copy customizations and schemas only. “Full” copy is mentioned in the question

You cannot restore or copy into a production environment


#5. You have imported a managed solution from the vendor, and you want to see solution checker for that solution. How can you achieve that?

Select all that apply:

#6. You have created a business rule and scoped it for "All Forms". It is working on the "Main" form, but it's not working on the "Quick Create" form. What could be the problem?

Select all that apply:

#7. You are a System Administrator in Microsoft Dataverse trying to assign a security role to a team. There is no such option for that team - what is the likely problem?

Select all that apply:

#8. You need to implement rollup calculations for about 70-80 columns in the environment. Some tables will have no rollups at all, others might have up to 15 columns. What options might work?

Select all that apply:

There are two limits to keep in mind: up to 100 rollup columns per environment, and up to 10 per table. Hence, can’t meet the requirements with rollup columns only. Also, calculated columns can’t perform rollup calculations.

#9. You are a global office administrator trying to copy one production environment into another. What is it you may need to do first?

Select all that apply:

You cannot copy over an existing production environment

#10. You just made a copy of production environment, but there are Power Automate flows in the source environment which were not copied over to the new environment. Why would this happen?

Select all that apply:

Components that have not been added to a solution (including canvas apps, flows, custom connectors, and connections) might not be part of the copy. You should validate your apps post copy



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