Severe Powerstorm Warning

Please be advised that a Severe Powerstorm Warning has been issued for the following days:


  • Thursday, July 16, from 9 PM EST till around 11:30 PM EST
  • Thursday, July 30, from 9 PM EST till around 11:30 PM EST
  • Thursday, August 13, from 9 PM EST till around 11:30 PM EST


During a severe powerstorm, you can expect disruptive Power Platform thinking, powerful Power Platform insights, and extreme Power Platform suggestions.

Here is how severe powerstorm works:
To start with, you will need to register for the session. Here is a url you can use:

click here to get into the eye of the storm

Each session will last 2.5 – 3 hours. At the beginning of the session, we will do a quick roundtable, and a bunch of problems will be presented. Those could be questions from the community forums, those could be real-life issues submitted by the meetup participants, or those could show up from other sources.

We will run this session as a very condensed sprint:

  • Up to 10 minutes to review the problems
  • 5 minutes to decide which ones we can tackle
  • 5 more minutes to see who wants to do what (individually or in teams)
  • We the will spend most of the remaining time working (individually or in teams) on the solutions
  • Closer to the end of the session, we will need to reconnect for a status update and to summarize the findings/solutions

This may require a few clarifications, so here is a short FAQ for now:

1. If I join the session, can I be just an observer?

Yes, but we will have to limit the number of observers – there should be no more than 25%, at least for the first few sessions.

2. In which capacity can I join the session?

You have to be a technical contributor, a notes taker, a “scrum master”, or an “observer”(see the note above, though).

You can also be a subject matter expert for the problem/question. This is especially true if you have submitted a question/issue for the session.

3. What is the expected outcome of those sessions?

The goal would be to find working solutions to the real problems. Ideally, we would prototype those solutions and put source code on github. There might not be enough time to write everything up, so a few of us might have to do the writing/to upload the source code/etc once the session is over.

Last but not least:

Any suggestions you have, please get in touch on linkedin:

And, of course, any suggestions for the questions and/or problems to tackle during the upcoming sessions are more than welcome.