Dynamics Training


As a Super User (a system administrator, a developer, a project manager, a functional consultant, etc) do you feel comfortable configuring and customizing Dynamics?

Do you want your team members to get up to speed and to stop asking you some basic questions about how Dynamics works, how to set it up, and what can be configured or customized?

This training comes with a simple mission in mind:  “Don’t think it’s magic. Just build the skills!”











It’s designed to be a 5-days training with quite a bit of hands-on work, and it can be delivered either online(remotely) or onsite. In either case, there will normally be 4-6 participants in the training, since, beyond that, it’s difficult to guarantee sufficient level of engagement. It is a paid training, and the pricing works like this:

  • $8000 USD per group if booked less than a month in advance
  • $6500 USD per group if booked at least one month in advance

Sounds like something your team may need?

Have a look the approximate training plan below:


It can be adjusted to some extent depending on your team needs, so get in touch.. and let’s talk about it.

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