Monthly Archives: February 2019

Optionsets mystery

  There was a time when Dynamics did not want to assign optionset values in the workflows. If you are wondering how it was, the issue(and a possible workaround) is best described here: So, earlier today when somebody showed me how they still can’t assign an optionset field I was 100% certain that’s exactly… Read More »

Working with Queues in Dynamics

I have always been a bit cautious of the queues in Dynamics since I could not fully understand when to use them. I don’t know, somehow my technical knowledge of what they are just did not materialize into a clear understanding of what to do with them. This is until on one project business users… Read More »

Testing solution layering

  As I mentioned in the previous post, solution layering seems to be explained quite well in the solution lifecycle management whitepaper, so I figured I’d give a try to something here.. and, yes, it got a bit confusing. Here is what I did in the source instance: Created a solution and added a new… Read More »

Solution Lifecycle Management for Dynamics

A new version of the solution lifecycle management whitepaper for Dynamics has been published recently, so I was reading it the other night.. and I figured I’d share a few thoughts. But, actually, if you wanted to see the whitepaper first, you can download it from this page: First, there is one thing this… Read More »