Data Migration – how do you usually do it?

In the last few years, I worked on a few Dynamics projects that involved data migration, and, somehow, most of the times I would settle on the approach to the data migration which I tried to illustrate on the diagram below: The main reason I usually do it this way is that, when I have… Read More »

Workflow or Plugin: which one will run first?

With all those customization options we have in Dynamics, we can do a lot, but, sometimes, it may get a little confusing. For example, we can use worklfows and plugins. Not only that, though.. Both workflows and plugins can be real-time/synchronous or background/asynchronous. Earlier today I was observing a very interesting behavior. There was a… Read More »

Web API: Unmapped Request Found

I was trying to use Web API to associate a contact to an account (that’s a new N:N relationship), and ran into the error below: Unmapped Request Found Turned out, it was just a matter of having missed “/$ref” in the url I was using for the POST request: [ORG_URL]/api/data/v8.2/accounts(36859222-06AE-E711-A94C-000D3AF3E34A)/new_account_contact/$ref As per MSDN, here is how that request should… Read More »

Dynamics 365 (V9): Multi Select Option Set

There are a few things we can do with the old good option sets.. Can we do all of that with Multi Select option sets, though? Let’s see.. Although, let’s actually define a multi select option set first – here it goes: From there, here is what I wanted to try: Create a business rule… Read More »

Flows and Workflows in Dynamics V9

Flows are now integrated with Dynamics, so that’s something to play with/look at.. But what I am wondering about is this: there are Flows and Workflows. Flows are available in both Interactive and Web user experiences, but Workflows are available in the Web user experience only. Is that just an omission or is this an… Read More »