Deploying CoE Starter Kit in March 2023

By | March 30, 2023

CoE starter kit can be of great help when setting up the COE, but, sometimes, you just have to remind yourself that it’s, essentially, an open-source solution. There is a great team behind it – they have helped me a lot with some of the CoE starter kit questions/issues before, and I’m sure that’s what they are going to keep doing moving forward.

However, it is what it is, and, sometimes, CoE team just have to call it out:

Just to be clear, with 80+ flows, 15+ applications (and I am not talking about some sort of one-liner apps / single action flows – most of those are, actually, quite advanced), it’s not surprising at all that there can be issues. As long as you are not expecting this to be a fully-functional “product” and are willing to spend time fine-tuning it for your needs, it can still offer lots of benefits.

As in, even just having the inventory of your Power Platform components stored in Dataverse tables brings a lot of value, but there is much more to the CoE starter kit.

Either way, let’s just get back to my recent deployment attempt.

Maker Environment Request app started to give me some troubles this time around:

As per the link above, this is a known issue right now, but, come to think of it, it’s not that difficult to fix. You may have to break the rules by making unmanaged changes in the managed components, but, well, just remember to remove unmanaged customizations on the next deployment. Or, if you’d rather prefer making it a managed change, you can probably set up another environment where you’d be applying these fixes, and, then you can use it to prepare managed fixes for the CoE (using your own solution of course).

First off, go to the apps section in the Maker Portal, and start editing “Maker – Environment Request” application.

In the app studio, locate Navigation_1 component and add “Notifications: 0” to the table items as per the screenshot below:

That should take care of the errors above.

You may also want to fix a couple of others while you are there, though. Locate TemplateSize property of Gallery3 components, and fix Template Size formula so it stops trying to divide by zero when there are no items in the gallery. For example, this formula should work fine:

RoundDown(Self.Width / If(CountRows( Self.AllItems ) = 0, 1, CountRows( Self.AllItems )),0)

Do the same for the TemplateSize property of the Gallery3_2 component:

Save the app, publish it, and it should be good:

PS. By the way, don’t forget… I have a Power Platform Chat session scheduled for Apr 6 to talk about the CoE toolkit a bit more:

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